SFW Lake6

James Lake

James worked with Take a Part on the ‘Something for the weekend’ project. James collaborated with the community to create a cardboard tree celebrating the green spaces in Efford.

James' medium of choice when sculpting is cardboard. He obtains cardboard from a variety of different places but the majority of card is sourced from the amazing Exeter ScrapStore.

James has been working as a freelance artist/sculptor for many years, both locally, and more recently, internationally. He was fortunate to be invited to take part in the Lucca Biennale 2018 in Tuscany. This was a fantastic opportunity to work on a monumental scale using just cardboard and glue to create a 10ft high sculpture. This was exhibited in one of the Piazzas in the town of Lucca.

Since then he has completed and installed a 7.5ft anatomy torso for the Exeter Medical School and completed a sustainable set of cardboard furniture for the Ikea store opening events. The armchairs, bookcase and coffee table were exhibited in Exeter Central Library and the Phoenix Arts Centre.

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