Something for the Weekend

The Efford community were offered the opportunity to work with 3 artists and try out art (many for the first time).

One of TAP’s very first projects in Efford - developed over a number of weekends, the community were offered the opportunity to work with 3 artists and try out art (many for the first time). A highlight for this project was the ‘cob hippo’ which was built from mud and straw outside the old school site.

In March 2010, a series of weekend sculptural project to engage residents in Efford and develop audiences for Take A Part took place. Something for the Weekend saw 3 artists from France, Devon and Dorset work directly with the Efford community on durational and hands-on making of artwork.

Alain Pezard worked on making a hippo of cob (mud and straw) at High View School’s temporary site on Blandford road. This process took 2 days and saw more than 50 people come together to make this legacy work for the school, marking the amalgamation of Highfield School and Plym View Schools in the community.

James Lake created a community tree in cardboard as part of a one day celebration of Efford’s green spaces (with Friends of Efford Valley). The community were asked to paint leaves of the tree with messages about their community (favourite places or people, things they may like to see change). The resulting sculpture forms part of artwork at Efford Library.

Jonathan Sells worked on a project to get permanent pieces of artwork made by young people into the newly developed Yeo Close play park. Efford Youth Centre’s Young Women’s Group made stone carved panels that reflected positive young women in Efford and challenged people’s views of young people in the community. 6 young women, some of these school leavers, gained AQA qualifications as a result. The park since opening has been used regularly by young women from this group and young people throughout Efford.


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