Coxside Echoes

A community magazine developed with and for residents of Coxside.

Coxside Echoes is a new community magazine developed with the community of Coxside. The project was developed in response to COVID-19 to find ways to connect and communicate during the pandemic. It is also intended to give people's voices a chance to be heard, to develop new skills and to grow in confidence around writing and producing community news.

Artist, graphic designer, writer and Creator of the Stonehouse Voice Alan Qualtrough is collaborating with Take A Part to deliver the project. He is also mentoring and supporting writer and Coxside resident Katie Oborn who is editing the magazine. The Coxside magazine is also partnering with community magazine the Stonehouse Voice which Alan is the Editor and creator of.

During the build up to the first edition, and thanks to funds from Literature Works, Alan ran an online training session in writing for community members to kick start the project.

There will initially be two editions of the magazine created during this year with potential to follow up on the project in the future. You can read edition one online by following this link.

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